So…a lot of people 

have asked me not to delete my blog…and in all honesty I really really don’t want to….but there have been too many times where I have felt I couldn’t post something about my life or just felt like I can’t be myself and that I’m not happy when I’m on here…

So yeahh…I’m not going to delete it right now…I’m still going to be thinking about it…I need to do what I feel happiest with, but it really depends how things go…

I’m also not going to be on here as much (some of the time) I need some space because there is a lot going on in my head and in my life that needs sorting and that is really hard to deal with….so some days I may not be here much at all and may not post anything…other times if I feel like it I may be here a lot..I really can’t say…

I will still answer messages or any replies to posts I make….and probably keep an eye on my tracked tags…but that might be it some days

I hope to be back to me soon….I really thought I had got there…but stuff the past couple of days has not been good (this is not just with things going on here before anyone says so….it’s in a lot of areas of my life!) so I need to sort my head out…

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posted 2 years ago
  1. rebelxxwaltz said: I know I’m nobody important, but I’m glad you decided not to delete! I think you’re really nice, and it’s fun having you around. ^_^ As for the rest, you shouldn’t feel the need to explain yourself to anyone— just do what’s best for you!
  2. theoofoof said: Oh hun, I really hope you decide against deletion. Hope some time away will give you the time and space you need to sort things out. :)
  3. ladylannistark said: Hope you feel better about stuff soon. I’d hate to see you go permanently. :) xx
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